Monday, October 13, 2008

The Sky is Falling--Again!

We're all gonna die. For real this time.


yawgsmulder said...

Global warming is a myth. However, if I'm wrong, then I'll be long dead before any serious damage starts happening. Seriously though, this whole thing will detract us all from the greater cause of warding off the coming zombie invasion. I, for one, am going back to practicing my zombie dodging technique by running past the elderly folks/future zombies who walk the mall for exercise.

Nora said...

So, Michael darling, am I to understand you are on our Anti Zombie team?! Excellent!

yawgsmulder said...

Let me put it this way. I am so anti-zombie, that I have surgically implanted a device in my head that will explode the very second my heart stops beating thus preventing me from ever becoming one of the walking dead.

Nora said...

I hope you're working on a good plan, because Juderonomy is bringing her A game.

theeriver said...

What douchebaggery!

Global Warming, Fear mongering B.S. Al Gore owns one of the biggest carbon credit companies.

Mike doesn't want to be a zombie, because it isn't metrosexual enough!

Jude said...

Now I'm probably NOT the most likely candidate for a leader, but I do
have the beginnings of a plan. First the locale ... I'm thinking
California, specifically the Hollywood area.The climate is much nicer
than it is here in Illinois, and fits into my basic plan. I think the
Base Camp should be Fredericks of Hollywood, which is where the FIRST
LINE of DEFENSE will start.

Since the Undead want flesh and brains, this is where it all falls
into place. We gather all the "Starlets" and put them on the front
line ... why you ask? Because they have very little flesh of their
own due to extreme dieting and silicone enhancements. And Lord knows
there isn't a lot of gray matter. That should keep the UN busy for a
while trying to figure that mess out.

Now, with me as your Leader,( who at my age doesn't have as much flesh
as gristle) I will have my Power Wheelz Barbie Jeeps(@ $45.00 apiece)
strapped to my feet and be marshaling our second line of defense.
Here's where the beauty comes in ... we have five staggered lines of
Con Queso eating, Natural Ice swilling, flame throwing belchers. With
every burp, a trigger pull will advance the flames ever farther to be
followed up by a platoon of the SKOLers!!!

SKOLers have the ability to think they are invincible (to wit, any
Saturday night at 3am in a bar parking lot!!) After the UN sees that
spectacle, I'm fairly sure that they will retreat to the crypt of
their choice and beg the Underworld to leave them there.

My budget:
5 flame throwers 500.00
2 setspowerWheelz@45.00 90.00
60 bottles of Skol 300.00
14 cases Natural Ice 98.00
total $988.00

A savings on the budget of 12.00. Better than Wall Street can do!
Anyone can smuggle whatever they want into camp,especially White
Castles. They would only add to the fight!!

Nora said...

Brilliant, Jude. I'm so glad I'm your daughter. I might make it after all.

yawgsmulder said...

What is the deadline for this thing? Pun very much intended btw!

Nora said...

October 24th is the official deadline, pun appreciated. I can't wait to read your entry. Jude's is pretty compelling, she set the bar rather high, Michael. But I look forward to reading yours.

Ratherto, Slippy! You guys better bring the noise...