Sunday, April 6, 2008

Change Is Good

I searched every empty purse, stripped the crevices in my car and did three loads of laundry, hoping to win big in the pocket lotto. After I'd scavenged every cent, I took three healthy handfuls from your giant vat of change and other various items that came from the depths of your pockets.

One fistful of change after another went into an ever heavier sack of metal money. This wasn't my first harvest. I felt the weight slowly increasing from fifty to seventy-five dollars, and then some more. I couldn't wait to feed the clinking stream of money into the change machine at the bank. Ninety-eight dollars almost to the cent. I filled out a deposit slip and gave it to the teller.

“Would you like your balance?” she asked sweetly.

I laughed as I entered my PIN on the touchpad. “Why not?”

She handed me my receipt.

Account Balance: $1.03

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