Saturday, October 11, 2008

It Really is What I Crave

It started this morning when I saw Juderonomy's comment on our Zombie post. She mentioned the great White Castle. I couldn't get the steam grilled goodness off of my mind.

Continuing on with my day, I tuned it out. Until the Mister called. He was on his way home from a job in the western suburbs.

"I'ma get some food. You want anything?"

"Nah, I'm good. We've got food here."

"'Kay, see you in a bit."

I figured he'd get boring Mr. Submarine or some shit. Never in my wildest dreams did I hope he might come home bearing two fragrant sacks of ten. The house instantly filled with the signature Slider stink. My mouth watered, and I looked up at my husband with an expression of gratitude, wonderment and lust.

In his infinite wisdom, he got ten with everything and ten without the nearly toxic yet magical Düsseldorf mustard. I sank my teeth through the fluffy, chewy bun into the sour crunch of pickle, sweet onion flecks and thin layer of beef. The first one disappeared too soon, and I quickly replaced it with another. Like an alcoholic, one is too many, a sack of ten is not enough. The ad campaign that claims White Castles are "what you crave" didn't require marketing genius. It required only a deep understanding.

I am now sated, nay, stuffed. The buzz is upon me, and I sit, typing with one hand, holding the TiVo remote in the other and a leg thrown over the arm of my chair. I have reached Nora-vana. This path isn't for everyone, but I recommend you try it at least once. Say it with me: Om.


Patrick said...

I didn't think you'd be able to rival Fish Crack this quickly. Although that is an epic story this is just as entertaining in it's simplicity and directness.

Nora said...

Yes. Fish crack was a journey. This was just a quick getaway.

I feel sorry for people who either cannot access or do not like White Castles.

Jude said...

AHHHH,White Castles on Sat,The Great Pooh-Pahs PIZZA on Sunday!!! does life get a whole lot better than this??? I think not,tho it does make for a bleak Monday,oooppps,I forgot about Tin Fish Mondays,and Little Joes Tuesdays two for one specials.That only gives me three days to work on my Zombie plan!

Nora said...

Well, Jude, I'm afraid I might not make it through the zombie apocalypse. I have to eat a few of my favorite things before a zombie eats everybody's favorite thing: my brain!

theeriver said...

Wait a minute you had White Castle...sober?!?!

Nora said...

Fucking a right I did. I'm a real fan, drunk or sober. Happy or sad. Good times or bad. I am not a fairweather fan, River.

theeriver said...

No I'm not saying their so bad that you can have them only drunk, I was sure people do eat them non-drunk. I just never heard, or witnessed such a thing. I don't think I've been there stone cold sober, I have been there soberish.

Jenn said...

yummmmm...since i was a wee child, i have LOVED sliders! poppy use to take me all the time for a special treat! my mouth is now watering for that glorious steamed goodness! night or day...and i love them cold too...straight from the fridge, right to my mouth! Delish!

Nora said...

God, I forgot. They ARE awesome cold. But you have to get a crave case to ensure there are at least a few left over to PUT in the fridge.

Luke Baggins said...

Always grateful for reminders of the fish-crack journey. And I was just thinking about a particular detail of that trip. On our way to the bar, we passed a place called "Skyway Dogs", A hot-dog place, not a dog farm. And while we were in T's, the bartender mentioned that place and said that it was supposed to be one of the best hot-dog places on the south side.

It got me to wondering: What separates a good hot-dog from a great one?

The only differences I can think of revolve around the dog itself. Vienna Beef rules in ways you can't appreciate until you've been in Chicago and then been away from Chicago for some years and then happen upon a place that has Vienna Beef dogs.

The only dog I've had that beats Vienna Beef is from the Romanian Kosher meat place near my Uncle's place in Roger's Park. Those dogs were unbe-fucking-lieveable. I think I scarfed down 6 of them, something I wouldn't even be able to do with any other dog.

But maybe a good topic for a later food porn might be to compare dogs at different places and see if they can be better in other ways. Can two places both serving Vienna Beef be different in the quality of the final dog?

And you should also do a post comparing Pizza's. Having the Pizza experience I now have thanks to your dad, I'm interested to know in detail how the 2nd and 3rd best compare.

Anyway, I'm all about what other people should be writing when I have homework I really have to do. I must get off the internet!

Nora said...

Luke, Vienna Beef hot dogs are the gold standard, but preparation is also a question of taste. Most hot dogs are steamed, but occasionally you'll find one that's grilled. Those are awesome. I'll have to make a trip to Skyway and write about the quality of the product. That way we'll know if we should make a special trip and NOT binge too much on fish crack before we go back to T's.

As for the pizza, you forget that there are two varieties in question: Chicago-style deep-dish and thin crust. My parents excel in the production of both. Next time you shall sample the deep-dish.

For my money, the best deep dish is Gino's East and the best thin crust is Vito and Nick's. But my parents do so much better, so why bother going out of my way when I can just have Mike and Jude's? That, though, truly is its own post...

Now, go do your homework!

Anonymous said...

Skyway Dogs is the best, but who is the short hair brunnette that works at lunchtime there? WHAT A HOTTIE!

Bill feeder of the seagulls