Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekly Recrap

MitchellWell, it's been another week. Basically identical to the one before. I don't really have much special to say, really. What's Up, Hutch? is doing very well. Everybody at work is stoked about that. I've come up with a couple of good ones on there, and the amount of conversations happening through it has been astounding. We've even started talking about helping to get a teen center started in town, which we desperately need.

Other than that, my buddies from Lawrence in a blue grass band came down and played a gig at one of the local bars. Naturally, I drank too much and made a slight ass of myself. I made up for it the next night, though, by acting as designated driver for a friend's birthday.

What did you do, Nora?

NoraIt was a good one, Mitchell. Friday Ken and I checked out a house that we both like a lot. After I had the sheriff school my psycho, dog-breeding neighbors, the tension is palpable. Moving is looking ever more attractive, despite the crushing pain in the ass it's sure to be. Plus, he's entertaining ideas of being a landlord; you know, renting this place out. I think we should put in the ads that many, many dogs and amateur tuba players are welcome, no, encouraged.

What else? Well, I'm sure by now our readers have seen the pictures from the scavenger hunt I did with our friends, Slippy, Ratherto and many other familiar code-names from SWC. It was a blast. I like using my talents in the service of charity. Too bad it didn't go down in Hutch. You'd have some bitchin' pictures for your site. C'est la vie, non?

MitchellThat's true. I might have to steal that idea and use it for WUH? I really don't have anything interesting from the last week to talk about, unfortunately. I guess you've really got to make fun to have it sometimes, and I've been kind of lazy about that.

NoraYeah? Well, I could wax comic about my poor housekeeping skills and the ease with which I can pack on a bunch of weight, but I won't. That's cool. We can make up for it this week. Maybe the mean dog lady and I will finally arm-wrestle for neighborhood supremacy or something. I keep waiting for the old "flaming bag of dogshit on my doorstep" routine. Man, that would suck. Anyway, have a great week, everyone, and thanks for Recrapping!


Jude said...

Mitchell....Just be happy you are in could be in Peotone!Even Dorothy was glad to call Kansas home after she saw Peotone!!!You saw what goes on there on a week-end...imagine the week days!!

theeriver said...

I feel dirty just looking at some of those pics.

Though tell you the truth I think there is a niche market there for girls in adult diapers. I'm sure the 3 guys that are on the sexual offenders list in peotone would LOVE it.

Don't believe me check it out.

Anyone interesting in making some extra cash? I'll fire up my web servers just in case.

Ratherto said...


You think that's should have seen what we didn't take pictures of later! Although I can say it involved a 47 year old man and many, many Mexican jokes

Nora said...

Yeah, I pulled the picture, Rivs. Hopefully the creeps haven't already wallpapered their dungeons with it.

Nora said...

Oh, and Rath. I can't believe the course of events. Man, that was scandalous.

Slippy said...

47 year old man... I think I need details!

Nora said...

You mean the Scandalous Squirrel didn't tell you? Holla at me.