Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekly Recrap

NoraIt's time for another recrap, and I'm very sad to see that the last blog post was a week ago for the Recrap. I'll come right out and admit it--things have been crazy lately, and although I could totally exploit my own, my friends' and my family's stories for your entertainment, my problem is, I can't seem to find the time. But I'm going to go back at it with a vengeance. Paranoid rants, strange news and all of the utter nonsense you've come to expect.

What do you say, Mitchell--do we not need to step it up a little?

MitchellWe certainly do. I'll try and get back into the swing of things as well. I'll be on vacation in El Paso for most of next week visiting family. But after that, it is on.

Who knows, maybe I'll even have something to talk about by then. Right now, I'm kinda dry on conversation-worthy things. I'm loving the weather when it's not hundred-mile-an-hour winds and/or rain, so I've been riding my bike a lot. That's about it.

What about you, Nora? You're bound to have at least one thing worth mentioning.

NoraFor sure. I always do! I'm just overwhelmed with everything and haven't made the time to write. In the last week alone, I've reunited with a handful of old friends, hid out from tornadoes and even went kayaking with my cousin. It's the first time I've been out all season, and it was incredible. Although the weather has been biblical lately, the rains made humble little Hickory Creek a kick-ass kayak route. Rocks, fallen trees and what could pass for rapids in a little midwestern stream--good times.

So, what's going on over in El Paso, Mitchell? You're sure to come home with some good stories.

MitchellNot much. Just visiting family. It's not usually very eventful. I'm sure it's going to be swelteringly hot there, so that should be crappy, but I'll probably get to do some swimming.

I think Hickory Creek is a badass name for a creek. Around these parts, we'd say "Hick'ry crick." That would be a lot of fun. But I digress.

NoraOh, that reminds me, Mitchell--while it's true that the Weekly Recrap is supposed to look back at the past week, I think we should mention that we're going to be interviewing Maldroid, an Oakland-based band, for Alors, et Toi. That should be interesting, eh?

MitchellOh yeah. That's going to be something new for me, and I'm sure it will be super fun. We'll keep all of you posted on when it's done and up for you to read. Also, we promise to try to actually write something for this blog every once in a while.

NoraWell, that about wraps it up. Stay with us, people. If something cool doesn't happen, we'll just make something up.


Anonymous said...

Nora said, "If something cool doesn't happen, we'll just make something up."

Peotone, adult diapers, Fatties attacking the world, Trips to El Paso, Judes war versus nature.

Why the hell would you make anything up. Frick just your peotone upbringing Nora would be more riveting then the Xfiles, all those scared sheep and their budding sexuality.

Oh and that sex offender website I put up in the comments of another post I found out that at the bar where I use to work at, this guy that use to go there is a pediophile. Never would of guessed it, what really bites my ass last time I seen him he was dating a girl I had a crush on in high school. Wonder if she knew.

Oh well.

Nora said...

Yikes! What bar, River?

And you know what? You are absolutely right: truth is stranger than fiction, and if I'm honest, I can't even tell half of the juicy shit I know, because then the people closest to me wouldn't tell me anything anymore.

I appreciate your comment, though. When you put it like that, it does seem that there are plenty of stories to tell!

Anonymous said...

Back in the day when I use to work at Blue Iguana

Jude said...

Like Homer used to say....Just pretend we're a nice normal family...but between family & friends,there is never a dull moment.

Nora said...

Mommy, I don't think we've fooled anyone over the years. But we tried!

Jude said...

Once they walked thru the Door of Doom it was all over! We is what we is..but after looking around,we aren't as odd as we thought we were..look next door to the half clad,flowing haired,weather worshipper!!

Anonymous said...

Jude said, "look next door to the half clad,flowing haired,weather worshipper!!"

She hawt? Everyone knows I love weather too, big fan.

When am I stopping by to finally meet you :)

Jude said...

River,I think you'd be disappointed,it's a he...and "hawt" isn't an adjective to be used here...uugh is more like it. I'm so glad the Apple tree is in bloom,if it dies I have to paint all the windows on that side of the house black.

Nora said...

Dude, River. You would instantly gouge out your eyeballs. Creepy doesn't begin to explain the freak flag homeboy is flying.

Anonymous said...

Creepy? I hung out at Dendrinos on occasion. I know creepy like the back of my hand.

Well it's a dude, for some reason I just lost all interest. Must be my built in aversion to penises that aren't mine...stoopid heterosexualism