Sunday, June 1, 2008

Local Woman Dons Diaper for Charity

I would like to pretend that headline is just a joke. I would also like to pretend that the local woman in question wasn't me. But it was. I did, indeed, put on an adult diaper in the name of charity.

This weekend, I hung tough with the Peotone Contingency yet again. The siren song of cornfields, gravel roads and Second Street called my name. Actually, it was my old friend Twinky who started it. She sent out a MySpace bulletin announcing she was helping to organize a scavenger hunt event for the American Cancer Society.

My beloved Auntie died of cancer almost a year ago. I've done the Walk downtown, and plan to do so every year until I can't walk anymore. Twinky's bulletin provided a spur of the moment opportunity to do something fun for a great purpose. Good, clean and silly fun in the name of a great charity? Count me in.

I sent out the word to Slippy and Ratherto. Oma Will was supposed to join us, but instead Squirrelly Scoundrel took her place. The idea was for the six teams to complete 25 of 100 random and silly tasks in an hour and a half, take pictures to prove that the task was accomplished and rack up as many points as possible. The winner got bragging rights and some swag from local businesses.

Our team managed to complete most of the tasks at the Olter/Will family compound. Many of the items were farm-based, so it worked out great for us since the Olter/Will compound is a farm. Between getting non-team members to dress in drag, sports gear, toe kissing, bubble-blowing, acquiring food items, using propane tanks as props, handling earthworms and climbing aboard farm equipment, we scored most of our points right there. But one task required bravery, humor and about fifteen dollars.

We were pretty secure in our high-point-value tasks, but wanted to ensure our win by having one team member don Depends and Depends alone for a photo op. I volunteered. I have no idea why, except I really wanted to win. It was eleven points! So, we trucked over to the Peotone grocery store so I could purchase a bale of adult diapers. We hurried to Second Street Saloon where I changed into my Baby New Year outfit and Slippy captured the moment.

It was hysterical.

We were so sure that we had the win in the bag, we couldn't help but brag. I mean, I wore a fucking diaper. That, to me, spells "W-I-N". Well, as much as I appreciate the hard work Danielle, Rachel and Amy put into organizing the event, I'm calling Florida. I demand a recount. We came in third. Was it worth it? Was it worth wearing an adult diaper after all was said and done?

Of course. In the name of a great charity event and even more importantly, in the name of comedy, it was well worth it. Now the only question that remains: to post or not to post the photographic evidence of my shamelessness?

A Hold-Up At The Big Red Barn:

Squirrel and Me with the earthworm Madness unearthed for us:

Slippy Olter's Tampon Earrings:

We don't really know what this was about:

Theresa is the number one bartender. She hooked us up with her apron for four points:

She also hooked us up with a tortilla so we could make a taco face.


Slippy said...

I say you got to post it. It is so tastefully done. You can put the photo with me and the tampon earrings up if it makes you feel better.

Nora said...

Please, Slippifer. The tampon earrings can't hold a candle to the diaper. I think I am going to post it if Ratherto can get that email to me!

Jude said...

Momma is so proud of you on soooo many levels!!!And you would have done it even if it wasn't for a good cause...can't fool me!!!

Nora said...

Busted. I'm a fool for comedy.

Ratherto said...

All I have to say is...WE WERE ROBBED!....we should have won on the comedy aspect alone!

Nora said...

How the shit about it?