Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sold to the Retired Couple from Vegas

The sale of our trailer is final. We were relieved that it was over, and despite the fact that we had tons of fun and will miss the friends we made up there, it's nice to have that source of stress lifted. Ken made sure everything was in good condition. He painted, tarred the roof, put in a new ceiling and carpet in the second bedroom, dug holes, filled them with concrete and installed posts to reinforce the addition. Way to take care of the old folks, babe.

Once again, it's terrible that all the people in the northwest section of the park have to deal with the filthy aftermath of the flood.I wasn't even tempted to pull on the waders this weekend. The water smelled like an un-air-conditioned whorehouse in mid-July. The water levels have crested and are starting to recede. The hard work hasn't even begun yet.

You know that green shit is algae and not grass, right? Ken and our neighbor pulled on the waders to investigate the damage at his place. It was bad. The water made it about six inches into his place and the floors are beyond warped. But don't worry--the park management suggested he just replace the floors, and it should be as good as new. Mold, schmold, right?

So, that's it. The end of an era. We can't remember if this was our fourth or fifth year up there, and after the sale was final, Ken burnt all the paperwork he'd had on it, so his guess is as good as mine. Like I said, we'll miss our neighbors up there, and we've got lots of memories--some clearer than others, thanks to copious amounts of beer.


Anonymous said...

They do realize it's underwater this place right?

Nora said...

River, their trailer was flooded. They've been staying summers in the park for years. They had insurance, and they couldn't really be more blase about the whole thing. They wanted our place because it's on higher ground and three doors down from their son's trailer. It actually worked out for everyone. We would never fuck someone over like that. In fact, Ken wouldn't stop working on the place, even after they said they wanted to buy it. He wanted to make sure it was in the best possible shape for them, to the point that the old guy came over and told Ken to stop working on it.

Anonymous said...

HAHA No i didn't mean that you would screw someone over. Thought never crossed my mind.

I just don't understand the mindset of people who buy near places like this, where flooding and such is known to happen.

In my warped mind's eye, that's like building a house on the side of a volcano. Sure it might not erupt, but one of these days it might, and when it does. Someone's getting a big ole schlock sammich.

Nora said...

I hear you. I mean, there were a bunch of people who had Foremost Insurance, and were devastated to learn that they didn't carry flood insurance. How could someone who had property on the banks of a swampy lake destined to flood NOT know their insurance carrier didn't cover flooding? Jesus. I tell you.