Sunday, June 29, 2008

MitchellWell, last night was quite badass, I must say. We had Warfare Xtreme cage fighting here, bringing a little excitement to lil' ol' Hutchinson. I got so see some awesome fights, four of which with contenders from in town.

When I left, I felt like I was ready to take on anyone. Something about seeing guys get picked up and dropped square on their heads made me feel like a real tough guy. It didn't take long for me to remember that I would be the guy getting dropped, rather than doing the dropping.

The funny thing is that, despite the large, trained fighters, the best fight I saw was two chicks in the hallway outside. They only got a few shoves in before it was broken up, but still pretty kickass. I got my phone out and ready to record, but one of the girl's boyfriends gave me a look like he was going to kick the shit out of me, so I politely put it away and simply observed.

Ultimately, a hell of a Saturday night. Especially since I got the tickets to the fight for free from one of the promoters to cover it for What's Up, Hutch. Makes me kinda feel like a real journalist and shit.

What's new in Noraville?

NoraI simply cannot compete with that testosterone-y-licious event. That sounds like a lot of fun, even though I know I'd spend half the time covering my eyes. Until, of course, the girl fight erupted. Then I'd be munching popcorn, taking bets. What is it about violence begetting violence?

Not a whole lot cooking over here, my friend. I missed out on the Gay Pride parade this weekend, which makes me very sad. Maybe our good friend, Slippy, will share some photos in a guest-blog? I already blogged about finally unloading our trailer, which is great. Things are very calm over here. Too calm, perhaps. I suppose peace isn't such a bad thing. What else is going on over there?

MitchellNothing, really. Speaking of Gay Pride parades, I'm reminded of a hilarious Onion article that I read a while back, and they've rerun in honor of the whole thing: Gay-Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance of Gays back 50 Years. It's got a couple of hilarious pictures in it. Definitely worth a read.

I agree that peace isn't such a bad thing. Some people enjoy keeping things interesting, though the majority do so by stirring up drama. Not my bag at all. People give me a weird look when I say "Dude, I totally kicked my buddy's ass at Monopoly Friday night," as though that's nothing to get excited about. But I wouldn't trade that for any number of, "I'm so lucky I didn't get arrested"s. Know what I mean?

NoraIndeed, I do. Mitchell. Indeed, I do.


theeriver said...

Ahh gay pride. My brother is in that every year. He's a DJ that makes dance music, and we all know the gay people LOVE the dance music. I take this time to aggravate my father who is a devout christian. I tell my father, " I dunno dad, your son is hanging out with the sodomites"

Which my brother told me that the Anti gay Christians were in full force at the gay pride. It boggles my mind that a guy who they worship, and pray to lived his life for certain ideals, oh like love, understanding, and tolerance. Then all these people that follow his teaching do nothing but hate mongering.

Plus one of those fighter guys talked at my dads church. Supposed to be a Christian, yet he promotes violence.

I don't get it. Seriously the sooner we get rid of organized religon the sooner we can grab the destiny which is man, and get away from just being cockroaches of mammallian species.

Nora said...

I agree that the hypocrisies are sickening. The more righteous the person believes s/he is, the more of an asshole s/he usually is. It's like a direct correlation.

Ratherto said...

Usually the people with the biggest problem with something are themselves haunted by it. i.e. The biggest homophobes are usually the most closeted homosexual.

Nora said...

Indeed, Ratherto.

theeriver said...

I agree I really hate bugs, and I'm jealous I can't swing a web...anysize, wishing I can catch a crook just like a fly.

No I don't think that homo haters are all closeted homos. Some of them yes. I think there is a few more dynamics going on there. Like fear of the unknown, these people fear gays because they can understand them, and herd mentality. To fit in people will do almost anything. \

Just me two cents.

Nora said...

Good point, River.

Ratherto said...

Point taken