Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Tugs, Taco Mex and a Toddler

I had one of the most spectacular weekends in my own personal history. Friday night was PHS Palooza, an informal gathering of pretty much everyone who went to Peotone High School and has a Facebook account. I know a lot of people like to bag on Facebook, but if it weren't for Facebook, I would not have found and re-friended a lot of awesome people.

Anyway, an old high school friend's band played there on Friday. Black Cadillac was awesome and Trevor, the bass player, should be credited for getting Throwbacks jam-packed full of crazy people who had a blast listening to great music and just generally cutting loose.

Amongst those people were my old school bestie and her husband. I will call them Pink and Stink Lumpkin. They're the coolest. They both know how much I love Take Nora to Work Day and they both also understand my almost unhealthy obsession with the Cal-Sag and any and all to do with its industrial and recreational purposes. Well, Stink works on the tugs and he offered to give me a personal tour.

What kind of crazy girl would say no to an offer like that?

Not this one.

So, despite our night of tall revelry, Pink came to collect myself and Baby Cakes at Juderonomy's house in the late morning hours. We followed her to the tugs, which, by the way, are located very close to Calumet Fisheries, AKA, the site of Smell My Fingers! The Smelliest Food Porn Ever!

I have loads of pictures and I even have some food porn to write about. I cannot, however, give the story of Three Tugs, Taco Mex and a Toddler the proper attention, as I am just taking a quick break from writing my last feature for my wonderful bosslady, Slippy.

The magazine is going really well. I'm almost all done with my assignments. I have only had to minorly ride my freelance friend who is writing features with me. The work has been fun, interesting, a learning experience in general. When it's published, I shall post a link.

Oh, and the nun's booklet is finally done. It looks beautiful and all of the nuns are very happy with the final product. We won't be working on the second issue for another month or so, so, that's all the news on that front.

Anyway, stay tuned. The tug boat adventure with the Lumpkins was so incredibly fun, informative, adventurous and full of laughs (not to mention topped off with some of the best damn Mexican food I have ever had the pleasure of gorging upon) that I need to devote hours getting the pictures from my BlackBerry to my laptop and confirming the details of the machinery with Stink.

So, please bear with me. I'm working on being a fun blogger again and thanks to the Lumpkins, I am off to a great start!


Jenn said...

I love it!! LMAO! I cannot wait to read!! Love ya chick! You are the best! :)

Jude said...

I want to hear about the FOOD!!!! You know that was my 'ol neighborhood.....and I know Baby-Cakes loved the Salsa...and the beans,and the moist,meaty mounds of meat!!!Go ahead...make our day!!!

Jenn said...

Later that night, the hubs and I visted T's Tap and had a burger and some beers! That place was so cool!! And I thought it was extra cool when they pulled the partition close part way and smoked on the other side! Loved it!! They were out of their "Pink Thing" so I didn't get to sample, but the burger was good and so was the atmosphere!

Nora said...

Almost ... done ... with the ... last article.

This assignment is my flippin' Waterloo, people.