Monday, March 30, 2009

Lamest Blogger Ever

That's me. What's up? What can I say? I'm all over the place. Anyway, before Baby Cakes wakes up from his nap, I thought I'd do a little recrappin' here.

Juderonomy and Poohpah are back from their month-long trek to the Deep South. I was starting to think they would never return, but they did and I was sure happy to see them. Funny story. They came over last Monday when I was still hungover from the Ball and my brutal fight with White Castles. What did they bring? White Castles. So, I pulled a Rhianna and got back together with the Sack of Ten. I'm so weak.

In other news, I went to see Mary Poppins the musical with my sister in law, Diva. I just went along because she asked me and I figured why not? I had no interest in seeing it, didn't really care for the movie when I was a kid. But what the hell? I love musical theater, so I went.

It was ludicrous. In a good way. It was tripped out and hilarious. There was a part in the park where some of the statuary comes to life and the costumes left little to the imagination. You could distinguish religions and shit. Diva and I clutched each other in laughter and kept squeaking out the words, "Camel toe! Camel toe!"

Aside from jiggling junk all over the stage, the set design was incredible, the song and dance numbers were hilarious and served as a time machine to our childhoods. I found myself filing away Maryisms for future use. For instance, the next time my boss asks me to explain myself, I will respond with a tinkle of laughter and say, "Why, Mr. Banks, when have I ever explained myself?"

Verdict: Great show. Lots of fun, good for the kids, but there was plenty of male and female genitalia on display for the grown-ups, too.

This weekend brought my favorite city girl, Season, over for a visit. We ate our body weight in Italian deli meats, had cocktail hour and played with Baby Cakes. On Saturday, we returned to the mothership, Ann Sather in Andersonville. I love to binge on the crab cake benedict and the sticky buns. So freaking delish. For the first time in a long time, I stayed home and did homework on a weekend evening. It was nice to wake up Sunday all refreshed. With a throbbing toothache. Son of a bitch.

Yesterday I took two eighth grade girls to the mall to shop for their graduation dance outfits. I must say, the three of us ladies did very well together. Team work and shit. They are both outfitted very nicely. I was able to deflect each and every attempt to hooch it up with an, "I don't think so." Actually, neither of them are inclined to be very hoochie-like, but still. Then I got to have dinner with Mister, B.C. and my cousin's family. It is so funny to watch B.C. play with girls. He's such a little bull in a china shop.

And finally, the last hours of my weekend were devoted to cocktail hour in Mister's man cave out back. Heidi and I had to cut loose and blow off some steam, which we did. It only required one bottle of wine, too, so I feel good today. Aside from this toothache. Son of a bitch!

Anyway, it was a nice weekend of visiting with my loved ones and dodging hangovers. I got a lot of work done and got lots of rest. On a scale of 1 - 10, I give this weekend an 8.5.

I'm going to try to make a comeback. I can't promise anything as wonderful as blogging about cheddar or asteroids, but I will give it a shot. Feel free to assign me with topics. Sometimes assignments are just what I need to get it going, you know? So shit, yeah. That's it. Assign me topics and I will write them. Nothing is off limits. Throw it at me. I challenge you.


Jude said...

It's nice to see you're back on track...even tho I talk to you all the time,I do like to read what you've put out there!!I am having a little trouble w/the new PC..can't find a thing on it& the keyboard has me nuts...may have to put in a Bloody-Mary call to The River.......anyway keep your posts coming.
PS.You & Diva are a trip

Jenn said...

You can make an asignment out of PHS-palooza this weekend! Should be pretty interesting to see people!
I am really hoping the Hubs will be with me...but he may not be! Boo!
How about writing!

Nora said...

I will write prodigiously on PHSpalooza. Good call. As for the food writing, I don't know why, but I have not been spending enough quality time waxing poetic on my food porn. I will be able to kick back and write for fun more after this weekend. Slippy has me on my deadline and I am going to give her heaps of copy. Then it's time to edit, rewrite and then coast! Haha!

Luke Baggins said...

I'm a huge fan of book reviews, movie reviews, TV reviews and blog reviews. It was my Skippystalin tribute site that got me into blogging in the first place.

Skippy's writeup on Metallica's (this link is not safe for work) Some kind of Monster is a classic that I re-read regularly.

Hot Carl said...

I concur with The Baggins. Reviews of current stuff are always interesting. Especially when everyone has different views on the same source.

Anonymous said...

More diaper pics LOL!

Graham said... assignment. A post modern critique of the politics of symbolism in US food, in particular the great American burger, in variance with different presidential administriations? Freedom fries? Despotic gherkins? Will burgers over the next four years be enriched with olives? That's the first thing that popped in my head.Nor sure if it's any good. Much fun reading your blog for the first time in a while! I bookmatrke dit this time so I'll try to be more, uhhh, regular from now on.