Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Recap

NoraGreetings, all. It's time to recrap, and speaking of crap, can we talk about this freaking rain? Usually Mitchell can give me a clue as to the kind of weather we can expect here in Illinois, but Kansas ain't got shit on Ike. I just talked to my cousin in New Lenox. Hickory Creek has burst at the seams, flooding their entire neighborhood. It ain't pretty over here, either. We've been playing "pass the sump pump" with friends of ours all day. Rain, rain, go away. Let me guess, Mitchell, it's been seventy degrees and sunny over there in Hutch?

MitchellActually, yes. It did finally quit raining Saturday morning, for which I am grateful. We had a fairly steady downpour for most of last week, and there was minor flooding, though nothing like up North. That's a raw deal. It's a good thing that we had some clear weather, since the State Fair just came to a close today. For some reason, September in the Midwest seems an appropriate time to them to hold a largely outdoor event. I wish I could say I understood that. On the plus side, it did afford me an opportunity to write some goofy fiction for What's Up Hutch?. If you've got a chance, everyone, go check out the Adopt-a-Carny project. There are 4 parts. Pure nonsense, but still pretty fun.

Well, other than living in an ocean, how are things, Nora?

NoraIt's more of a mucky swamp, but aside from that, I can't complain. I had a great weekend. I got to spend two whole nights in a row with my homegirl, Season. She and I got to go out on Friday with our old friend and SWC regular, Luke Baggins. We all worked at an internet startup back in the day, and it is, to date, my only "real" job. We had a blast reminiscing and getting crazy on some crepes from Icosium in Andersonville (5200 N Clark). It was total and complete food porn. It was pornier than food porn. It was food smut. I have pictures of our excess. Then we went to Simon's right after for drinks. How could we resist? The sign features a neon fish in a Viking helmet drinking a martini.

Well, I'm sure most of you out there are way into the football this season. After last year's amazing Superbowl, I was sure that I would carry my borderline enthusiasm over into this season. Alas, I was wrong. I am perhaps more disinterested in football than ever. Pity. It could have represented a bonding opportunity for me and the Mr. But that's ok. I have Mad Men to look forward to every Sunday. Speaking of bonding over football, in other SWC news, our friend River went to my parents' house today to check out Juderonomy's computer situation. When I called to check in, it seems he was cooling out with my dad and family friend, Bob, watching the Bears lose. What a great, tight-knit community we have here. Hey, how's your Fantasy Football team doing, Mitchell?

MitchellUgh, I don't even want to talk about Fantasy Football. I got murdered. 0-2 in the most pathetic way possible. Thanks a pant load, Tom Brady. Aside from that, though, Aaron Rogers is settling in as the quarterback of the Packers, and they've done very well the first two games of the season. Minnesota should have been tougher for them than they were. Detroit was a guaranteed win. The Cowboys next week, however, scare me a little bit. We'll see what happens there. I have a feeling that it's going to be a long, weird season. No Brady, Peyton Manning is playing like he's lost something, Favre is with the Jets (who lost to a Brady-less Patriots). Everything is all discombobulated compared to last season. I'm stoked.

You probably shouldn't have gotten me started on that. Truth is, though, that I've got very little else to talk about other than that. Next weekend, weather permitting, I'll be going to a bluegrass festival in Winfield, KS. I'll most likely have some cool stories and potentially some pictures of that to look forward to.

NoraWe look forward to that. That's about all I have on this end, myself. I'm just hoping the biblical flooding comes to an end and soon. Peace out, everyone, it's time for Mad Men!

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