Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Recap

MitchellHappy Labor Day, everyone! Whatever the hell that means. I had a remarkably uneventful weekend; the highlight was winning big time at Monopoly. So that will pretty much give you an idea of how lame things have been.

The good news is that Bubbles is gone, and it didn't even involve major surgery. I feel ten pounds lighter. It's nice to be able to walk normally again, too. I guess from now on I'm going to have to wear pants in the water as well as a shirt, which I always wear because of previous experiences with severe burns.

What's happening with you, Nora?

Fully clothed for your tubing safety? Awesome. You'll be like Anthony Michael Hall in that shower scene in Weird Science. Bubbles was straight up nasty, and I think I can speak for the whole SWC community when I say we're happy that your second degree burns are gone.

I can't believe summer is over. Yeah, yeah. I know--it's not officially over until the 21st, but I know I'm not alone in feeling like this weekend is the last real weekend of summer--despite the fact that it was 90 degrees today. Labor Day weekend was great. I got to kayak at a new spot, my great friend, Hot Buns Murphy, made me some delicious salmon that she brought back from her trip to Alaska, and I enjoyed some family fun. My cousin and I decided to try out Tinley Park's new cab company. We went into town and drank like we weren't driving home. I'm not feeling well today. I think Bubbles moved into my brain.

MitchellThat's a bummer that you're not feeling well. It's cool that you've got a cab company to haul you around if you feel like getting good and sloshed. Here in Hutchinson, all we've got for a cab company is two creepy old ladies in old Caprices, and they stop driving at 11. I wonder why so many folks get D.U.Is around here.

Summer is coming to a very quick halt. It's depressing, but at least I've got this nagging pain in the pit of my stomach called the election to look forward to. I'm praying every night that McCain's little stunt of picking up a woman isn't going to dazzle the uninformed into electing him. Let me just lay something out to any of you ladies who think McCain picked Palin to benefit women:

She is not pro-choice.
She believes in abstinence-only education in schools.
She. Is. A. Complete. Republican.

It's a stunt, folks. A stunt that we should prove the American population can look past because we're smarter than they want us to think we are.

I'm off my high horse on that now. Sorry.

You're mean, Mitchell. She's so pretty! And the best thing about Sarah Palin is that she supports teaching creationism in schools. I think that speaks highly of her dedication to quality education. I had a depressing conversation this weekend with a contemporary whom I love very much. Turns out s/he dislikes Obama because of his middle name, Hussein. S/he claims to be "undecided", but I take no comfort from that. That objection speaks volumes to me about what educated middle-class people are capable of when they eschew critical thought. I hope s/he takes a closer look at what the GOP ticket's politics look like up close. I am very afraid for what this election will bring.

That's all so depressing. I don't need to slap a heavy dose of anxiety on top of this wicked hangover. Can we discuss something else? Make me laugh, please!

MitchellThat's a lot of pressure. Here's a funny video on Youtube:

Sweet. I'm going to get a popsicle and laugh at the footage. Peace out, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love voting for the lesser of two evils.

Ah where did ya go Nora this weekend. I got trashed on Saturday. I gotta stop drinking with Tinley Parks Finest.

Bubbles was hot. I can't wait to see him next Summer. Now glorius fall is almost upon us. Cooler temps, bad ass leather jackets, and nipples that can cut glass.

Nora said...

River, we went to Durbin's, Ed and Joe's and then Cuzins. Nice to see some places never change!