Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Top 5 List, because I'm too lazy for a Top 10.

Top 5 Reasons to Doubt Your Proctologist's Credentials

5. He insists on sedating you for every procedure
4. Many of his tools mysteriously vibrate
3. Colonoscopy camera is only 6-inches long
2. He continuously repeats "Shut up and take it."
1. Diploma is from KY University, and KY is NOT an abbreviation for Kentucky


Nora said...

Sounds like the voice of experience. Same thing goes for the gyno, too.

Ratherto said...

You know he's bad if he has the lights lowered and candles lit.

theeriver said...

Couple more clues.

If you feel pressure in your arse, but both his hands on your shoulders he may be a bad one.

Also if he asks you if you prefer two or three fingers for your prostate exam he may be a bad one.

Ratherto said...

Another one:

If he says, " I'm all out of lubricant but my spit should be fine." That's very bad.