Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly Recrap

NoraIt's been a long while since we've recrapped. Lots going on this summer: parties, vacations, and guess what, everyone? I might even be getting a real, live job! But let's just cross that bridge if we get there, eh? It's been a great summer over in these parts. My baby's getting so big, and our neighbors St. Bernards just had ten more puppies, everyone, so don't be shy. Please. Come get a dog. As soon as possible. Want a dog, Mitchell?

MitchellI'd like one, but I'm not allowed to have them in my apartment. That's kind of bullshit.

I'm really digging all of the camping and fishing I've managed to squeeze in this summer so far. And some crazy drunken four-wheeling. Plans to float down the mighty ArKANSAS (local pronunciation) river are in the makings. I'm shopping for a good floating cooler. Have you been getting some good water time in, Nora?

NoraOf course I have. I think I bored our readers with the written version of a slide show of my kayaking adventures during my vacation in Michigan a few weeks ago, and yesterday I water skied for the first time. It was awesome. I do believe I know what a high colonic would feel like, and let me tell you, I quickly realized you either stand up or get your insides blown out of your mouth. Motivation, Mitchell. That's what that was. But it was really fun, and I have to tell you: I kicked serious ass.

Well, summer is on its way out. If we were still in school, that sickening "there's only four weeks of summer" feeling would be settling upon us. But since we're all grown up (ahem), I guess we can deal with it, huh? Anything fun coming up? That has perhaps a clever flier that you designed?

MitchellYeah, my best friend and his wife are having a party at their house this weekend, for which I designed the poster. I may be able to get a copy of it up here for entertainment purposes. There promises to be a lot of friends from out of town there, so it's guaranteed to be a good time. I'm stoked about that.

NoraAnd let's not forget our other writing projects that are taking off like a--shut yo' mouf! Alors, et Toi and What's Up, Hutch are both getting a lot of attention these days. I'm amassing a truly great group of people to do book reviews for AET, and it's turning out to be fun and educational. Who knew? And I hear WUH is blowing up on you guys over there in Hutchinson, Kansas, too, so that's good.

MitchellIt's doing really well. Between all of those things and other personal and collaborative writing projects, we're some busy fuckers. Hence the lack of material (at least on my part) on this blog. I'm going to try and get something up here this week. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing that or just plain don't give a shit, but I mean it.

I think that's all for this week's recap, folks. Take 'er easy.


Anonymous said...

Thank god summer is almost over. Nothing like waking up so cold your nipples can cut glass. Bring on the fall/winter!

Nora said...

Hush your mouth and turn your AC up to 75. I love summer, you spoilsport!

Ratherto said...

You are both wrong...Fall is where its at. Low humidity...crisp cool air....leaves changing colors...still nice enough to be outside, but I don't sweat heavily...ahhhh. Sweet, sweet fall how I've missed thee.

Nora said...

Rath, I love fall, too. But I am so obsessed with water sports of all kinds, as well as my raging love affair with the sun, that I have got to be loyal to summer.

Just call me Melanora.

Jude said...

I'm trying to figure out a way to have solar panels imbedded in my skull to keep the summer rays and warmth stored for the cold months!!! I hate the cold and gloom that comes every Oct. when I historically go into hibernation mode,and don't come out 'til the end of April.Short of going to a warmer clime for those months,which the Grand Pooh-Pah would never submit to,I guess I'm stuck here.
I'm with you Mela..except for being in the water....I like just a bit of my Scotch!!

Anonymous said...

Top 5 reasons I love the Fall.

5. I'm part polar bear, I wish I could lie naked on an iceblock during the summer.

4. I look pretty badass in a leather jacket.

3. Football season. Nothing finer.

2. My birthday is in the Fall, best holiday there is...for me.

And the Number 1 Reason.

Halloween...Free Candy, Cool Decorations, Haunted Houses, and Girls dressed as Slutty Witches, Slutty Nurse, really anything Slutty.

'Nuff Said.

Nora said...

Well reasoned arguments, River.

Jude, if you can get a prototype, I'll finance your new industry.

Ratherto said...

I have nothing to add. River summed it up perfectly.

Also, Nora mentioned being "obsessed with water sports". There's a joke there but I'm not going to do it. It would be a sin against my nature to just let it go unnoticed, though.

Slippy said...

Ratherto, I almost made that joke last night about the water sports, but thought better of it. However, I am glad that you didn't let it go unnoticed.

And I agree with all the reasons Fall rocks, except maybe the football. I do love my slutty costumes!

Nora said...

Piss on you guys!

Get it?! Huh? I can make pee-pee jokes, too.

Actually, that made me chuckle audibly. Way to point out pervy subsex. I mean, subtext.

Ratherto said...

That usually costs extra...not that I've....ever...I'll just shut up now