Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lakeland, Indeed

"Lake Koshkonong is 858 acres larger than it was in 1916. The reason is that wave erosion has cut back the shorelines, placing soil in the lake and making it shallower. Future wave erosion may threaten adjoining marsh areas." -- Wisconsin Conservation Bulletin, July and August 1971, published by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

We finally managed to sell our trailer up in Wisconsin, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Koshkonong. It only took two years and some serious flooding. Hate to profit off others' misfortune, but smell you later, Koshkonong. The lake, fed by the Rock River, has reached flood levels not seen in a century. The whole northwest section of the park is wrecked, loads of people who either weekend or live for six months out of the year in their trailers have lost their homes.

It's total bullshit, and I feel awful for the people who have lost their homes, but being that the lake is a former wetland which became Wisconsin's third largest lake after damming up the Rock River, I can't say I'm too shocked. Despite the vast area, the damn lake is only about six feet deep at the dead center. It's a glorified swamp, really. Here are some pictures of the park.

This is not a boat launch. This is the road that leads to our friend's wrecked trailer:

These people might have been able to get some of their stuff out since they were closer to the road:

But the people who lived in this section are fucked:

That's me in some thigh high waders. Not so sexy.

These ducks don't give a shit that they're swimming in filthy flood water:

We're going back up there this weekend to finalize the sale and to have one last hurrah with our neighbors up there. It's been a great five years, hanging out Wisconsin-style, drinking beers, cruising around on golf carts and swimming and boating in the mucky lake and river, but it's time to move on to higher ground.


Anonymous said...

On one hand I feel sad for peoples loss, but on the other hand you live by a body of water, one of these days it's going to get flooded. Just common sense. It's like living in the desert wondering why you don't have any rain.

Reminds me of a bible quote, "The Rain falls on the just, and unjust alike"

Ratherto said...

Don't sell yourself short Nora. You look sexy in waders, but who doesn't?

Nora said...

River, you speak verily. It's not just a body of water, it's a wetland that became a lake when the Rock River was dammed in the late 1800s. It's huge, but shallow, a total swamp, so it can typically suck up quite a bit of water, but what happens when a sponge reaches saturation point (every hundred years or so?)? A friggin flood.

Ryan, thank you and I have to agree. Waders are so fucking awesome, they have sex appeal of their very own. Instant sexy--just add waders.

Anonymous said...

Seen ya on

Gotta quit taking those fetish pics Nora!...well unless your making a little side cash.

Nora said...

Think there's some money in that? I mean, I could tag the post with "chicks in thigh high boots" but I bet I'd get some serious hate mail when the pervs scoped me out fully dressed in fucking waders. Heh heh. A new brand of teasing has been born.

Anonymous said...

As long as you don't delve into my niche of "deaf girl sex"

Ratherto said...

Deaf girl sex....That's hot

Ratherto said...

Nora - if you cruise the internet long enough, you'll probably find that there is a whole group of people into chicks in waders.