Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Shout Out to the Peotone Contingency

Last weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of attending an old-school classmate's wedding with long-time readers and old high-school chums (that's right--I said chums), Ratherto, Slippy Olter, Oma and Horny Will, The Damn-Near-Killed-Hers and many more.

We treked to the 219, also known as Northwest Indiana, for the nuptials, which were held at Meyer's Castle in Dyer. Google that shit. The place was beautiful, formerly a massive residential estate that fell into near ruin, was scooped up and converted into a reception hall and restaurant. It's set up like a medieval castle, and I had a hard time not shouting, "More mead, wench!" upon entry.

The weather, for once this spring, was perfect for the outdoor ceremony. The string trio entertained us as we chatted and a team of creepy albino peacocks executed astute comic timing, piping in with ear-splitting caws seemingly on cue. I can never not giggle during serious ceremonies, and the damned peacocks were determined to make a spectacle out of me.

True to my Peotone roots, I drank keg beer til it hurt, ate Taco Bell long after midnight and as I smoked cigarettes outside our hotel room and enjoyed the reactions of passers-by as they enjoyed an Amsterdam-like peep-show--Slippy and HeWho cranked on the porn and pointed the screen toward the window for our viewing pleasure. So thoughtful.

It's just another example of how you can dress us up and take us out, but you can't take the Peotone out of us.

Thanks to Ratherto for being an awesome date, to Slippy, HeWho and the Wills for entertaining me as always. Oh, and Dr. Hope? We missed you. Peace out until the next big event!


Ratherto said...

That's right ...I know how to treat a lady! Seriously.. thanks Nora for filling in as my date. I had a great time.

Nora said...

So did I, Ratherto. It was a blast. I always have fun hanging out with you buncha crazies; I feel right at home!

Anonymous said...

Who was the lucky sheep?

Remember Peotone folks...BAHH means No! :P

Slippy said...

I think we need to order us some of those jigger thingies. It was a perfect ending to my yet again almost 48 straight weekend.

Nora said...

Heh heh. Well, River, you know what they say: What happens south of I-80 stays south of I-80.

Ratherto said...

River, I will have none of the Peotone bashing! What happens between a man, a woman, a sheep, two midgets, a donkey, a video camera and the cast of Saved by the Bell is between them and us.

Nora said...

Until Dustin Diamond needs to make a house payment.