Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cure Worked for Me

Greetings, all. I know it's already Tuesday, and unfortunately, due to birthday parties, technological difficulties and minor medical emergencies, Mitchell and I were not able to Recrap on Sunday. I shall now recap my splendid weekend adventures with Slippy Olter, HeWho, Team Will and Dr. Coyt Hope.

Slippy is known far and wide for her concert obsession. A few months ago, she invited me to attend the Cure concert at the Allstate Arena. A night out with Slippy, her sister Team Will and a surprise guest appearance by HeWho?

How could I ever say no to that?

We met at Dr. Coyt Hope's residence, as it's centrally located to all of us yahoos. Although Dr. Hope wouldn't be joining us at the show, he was kind enough to have us back afterwards for cocktails and a dance party in the Basement That Time Forgot.

The show was awesome. I've always more or less liked the Cure, but I'm not much of a fan of anything or anyone. Having an expectation-less attitude, I was totally impressed with the show. Despite the fact that the opening act was some ridiculous get-up Bob must have picked up out of some kind of favor to someone before he left London, I was unprepared for the kick ass light show, and non-stop trotting out of old classics and songs from the new not-yet-named album.

For a band that's been around for thirty-two years, not to mention a band that I would have described as "mopey" or "proto-emo", I have to say they rocked. I had so much fun, and would go see them again in a heartbeat. They played classic songs from albums I remember clearly from my youth like Disintegration, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, and Wish. They spared not a cent on the lights and projection screen. They played hard for hours without a break. Not bad for a bunch of aging hipsters.

(Sorry! That was the best my phone could do.)

We left the show early to evacuate the clusterfuck that is any arena post sold-out show. To avoid the hell of being spit out onto Eastbound Touhy Avenue, we split long before anyone else did and escaped unscathed. Upon arrival to Dr. Hope's residence, we were greeted with smiles, hugs and my favorite sound: the pop of cheap champagne opening.

Due to a long night of boogying down and otherwise acting like I was twenty-one and not thirty-one, I sustained some liver damage that rendered me mentally incapable of dealing with getting my internet working the next day. Not to worry, though; I'm all better now.

Good thing, too: I will be unleashing Triple X Food Porn on you all tomorrow, for tonight I dine on French food with two of my best girls, Lady and Hot Buns Murphy. But for now, I must attend to my little baby Kenny. He's watching Caillou, and it is my duty as a parent to redirect his attention so something more appropriate. Like SpongeBob.


Mitchell said...

How old is Robert Smith these days? 60?

Just kidding. I have no doubt that they'd put on an awesome show.

Nora said...

He can't be young. And he was pretty freaking bloated. He kind of looked like he ate Timothy Burton. But man, he didn't stop.

theeriver said...

I have a sudden urge to wear tight black jeans, dye my hair, and paint my fingernails black. Cry at the whirling black vortex that is my sucky life......must resist the emo....must fight the cure......

Slippy said...

I never can resist the emo. I want to go back to my sulking high school days. And it doesn't hurt that I am a concert whore! God, I love concert season!

Nora is right though, my sister and I have seen the Cure everytime they have been in the Chicago since 1996 and I can only think of one time that I witnessed a better performance which is surprising based on how bloated Robert Smith looked.

Now you want to talk about another set of old guys that still rock I saw Duran Duran last week and was greatly surprised and I have to admit made the Cure light show look rather disappointing.

Friday i can let you know how Stone Temple Pilots fare after a long break and lots of trips to rehab.

Slippy said...

BTW - Robert Smith's birthday is April 21, 1959. So, he is 49.