Wednesday, April 9, 2008

With "Friends" Like These ...

What am I doing at home?


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about these girls who want to be my friends, and show me their naked pics. Now on average I usually get about 5 girls a day. As far as I know I have never seen a duplicate picture. So lets say 5 girls a day for a whole year, that 1,825 girls, well if it isn't a leap year. I have been a myspace member for a long time, around 5 years, maybe more but I am loathe to admit. 5 years thats 9,125 girls. That's my own army of porn girls.

Now where are all these girls coming from, is there somebody out there that actually knows these girls. Is there a person that gets one of these and goes, "Holy crap thats my girlfriend, she's doing porn?"

This kind of intrigues me on some level, on some basic nerd mathematical way, that sooner or later their gonna run out of girls i would think...Oh yea and some of them are pretty hot too.

Nora said...

How come they don't want to be friends with me?

That hurts.

Anonymous said...

Sad your missing out of all the porn? I would be interested in learning more on the the female of species take on porn in general. I know some are into it, some really don't like it.

I think I'm missing out on a money making opportunity here though have girls send friend tells to other girls.

"Hey my name is Sue, wouldn't you like to see my awesome purses, and shoes. Click here now. "

Mitchell said...


I've seen dupes with different names. These spammers just use a set number of pictures, set number of names and just generate the same profile with those two distinctions.

That's quite an interesting concept about the guys knowing those women.

Sometimes the spammers highjack existing accounts and use them, so I can imagine that would happen.

Nora said...

River, that's a great idea. I can see the comment section now:

"I got this Louis knock-off for only...blah blah blah".