Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Conshus(sp?) about my spelling

I was doing some "research" at work today (looking at cool sites). If you haven't gone to yet, I recomend it, It's a pretty badass site. I almost didn't get to see it today when I had a sudden mental collapse. For some reason, I couldn't spell sasquatch for the life of me. Saskwatch. What the fudgesickle?

I've noticed a decline in my spelling abillities. I used to do spelling bees and things like that when I was a kid, and I was pretty good. Never won one, but I did OK. Now I get tripped up with the most basic words. I spelled maintenance wrong for like two weeks straight at work. I just couldn't get it right.

The wierd thing is that I'm writing more than ever, yet I can never remember if there are two p's in apologize, or just one.

My stuff genarally goes out right, though. Well, close. How can it not when you've got spell check in nearly every word processing application that exists. But I think that's the problem. With automatic spell check following you around fixing you boo-boos like an attentive owner walking his dog with a plastic sack in his hand, who really even needs to try anymore?

I've long settled into the habit of just typing in an approxemation of the word I intend and see what spell check has to say about it. Virtually no thought is put into the process. Convienience begets laziness begets stupidity.

Will I avoid this convienience now that I'm consious of it? Not likely. It's nice to know the reason for the problem, though.

Well ... it's either that or the drinking.


Nora said...

Mitchell! Use your spellcheck!

(Your a totul smartass)

theeriver said...

Here's a word you won't find in spell check...


Even though the sound of it
Is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough
You'll always sound precocious

Slippy said...

I blame the beer. I use to be a relatively smart person, but now I will be mid-conversation and just forget the word I was thinking about or I will be typing an email and revert to text message writing. Really, nothing more embarassing then sending your boss an email that has all the "to" with 2 or later spelled L8r.

Luke Baggins said...

I just use Blogger's spellcheck for the first time and found that it rules! It's the smoothest, least intrusive spellcheck I've ever used. It's faster than Microsoft Word spellcheck and makes it really easy to ignore suggested corrections. Try it. It's probably better than the spellcheck in whatever word processor you're using.

Nora said...

Good to know, Mista Baggins. Hear that, Mitchell? Youse dat spell checkur.