Monday, January 11, 2010

Pey Travels the Globe

Well, howdy, everyone! I am here to plug my young friend Peyton's blog. She was nominated by People to People to be a student ambassador for their Tale of Two Cities program this summer.

It is a huge honor and an amazing opportunity for a twelve year old girl to not only travel abroad and visit various places in England and in France, but to be able to bring just the kind of impression of a young American that we want the world to see. She's not just a good kid and one of my oldest friend's daughters; she's a great student, she volunteers with her church group and has a wicked sense of humor. I'm really proud of her and want to see her dreams come true.

She's been working her little tuchas off with fundraising projects, hustling around her neighborhood trying to earn money doing odd jobs and is applying for a scholarship to help offset the costs. Like any parents who want their kids to participate in such an amazing opportunity, her mom and dads have been doing everything they can to save up. But as we all know, times are tough.

Go on and visit her blog, A Tale of Two Cities and if you can afford to donate a few bucks to the ever-so-convenient PayPal donation link on the sidebar, every little bit will help. It's not going to be cheap, but I really believe that if you can spare even the equivalent of a tasty sammich or a frosty brew, she might be able to partake in this priceless opportunity.

Oh, and the blog is monetized with ads, so click like crazy on every link you see. It costs us nothing and earns the blog money for their troubles. Win win!

Let's help Peyton become a student ambassador, everyone. I have "great expectations" that our girl will be a student ambassador for the Tale of Two Cities program!

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