Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inside the World of Library Science and Cultivating A New Passion

Well, I have just been achieving landmark personal growth. My writing career is REALLY taking off. I get to write a newsletter for a suburban library. Look out, Pulitzer Prize--I'm closing in on you! After writing glowing prose about the library renovation project and the exciting new landscape designs, I am now settling in to write a hard-hitting interview with the director of the library. I think I might have to ask her the classic Baba Wawa question:

If you were a tree ... which tree would you be?

If she laughs, she wins. If she ignores it, she loses. If she answers it with no humor, she breaks even.

In other news, I have recently decided I must golf. And golfing I am. I'm actually pretty good. I've only been out four times, but I am totally hooked. My mom gave me her old clubs, a glove and shoes, I picked up a used driver and I even went out today on my own. It's a lot of fun and I think it's something I'll stick with forever and ever. My parents are both coaching me, although they don't want me to "pick up bad habits" from them. I'm reluctant to point out that I already drink, smoke and swear, so what's wrong with a few technical idiosyncrasies on the links?

Slippy goes back to work Monday. Yay, Slippy! Hopefully she can put me to work, too, but who knows what kinds of crazy changes are going on at the University? Maybe they'll have work for me, maybe they won't. I figure if they don't, it just leaves me with more time to work on my short game.


River said...

Golf is a fun game, wish I had more time...and money to pursue it.

I'm happy for Slippy

Nora said...

Golf is the coolest. I love it. And Slippy is doing awesome! Thanks, Rivs.

Jude said...

Good news for Slippy!!! As for and Tiger are about the same age,but he doesn't have the impetus that you have!!!He started at 2...but YOU have all those years of subliminal knowledge,imparted by the Grand Pooh-Pah....and they count fer sumthin'.....I'm just saying...It ain't never too late to be great!!

Luke Baggins said...

I feel sorry for people who don't drink smoke and swear.

And man I miss Chicago. It will be quite a while before I get out there again. I was just re-reading the old food porn and was reminded of that southeast Chicago tour. Did you ever do that?

You know a thoroughly photographed and annotated writeup of that tour would be a lot of fun for us readers far away.

Oh and did you ever get on that riverboat?