Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whatchoo Talkin' About, Willis?

Can you believe the Sears Tower is going to be renamed the Willis Tower? First Kuala Lumpur comes around with their taller-than-yours towers and now some British outfit is going to buy out the name of the city's most famous building. All we need to do now is make Soldier Field look like a huge space toilet and ... Uh oh. We already did that.

Whatever. I'm not that worried about it. A skyscraper by any other name ... And as long as the health department doesn't shut down the Wiener's Circle, Chicago remains, to me, the world's finest city.


Hot Carl said...

Perfect blog title!

Anonymous said...

To many Phallic references in Chicago. Big Willy, Hancock.

Hot Carl said...

Those sound like Will Smith references.

Nora said...

Yeah. AND the Wiener's Circle. Which I added in as a joke, because the health dept shut that bad boy down last year some time.

Shame. If you asked for a chocolate milkshake, the verbally abusive female staff would flash you and shake their titties.

Patrick said...

Photo inspired by your title.

I won't be taking any photos of Hot Dog stands if you were wondering.


Nora said...

Nice, Pat!