Monday, March 2, 2009

Shocking News

The media is ablaze with the news that Rhianna and Chris Brown got back together after their public fight/beat-down. Is this shocking news?

Know anything about relationships, media? Abusive relationships?

It's not surprising that they got back together; I think it's fairly common for people to stay together after a violent episode. There's the feeling that love will overcome. There's the belief that the worst is behind them, and they can move on together. Sometimes I'm sure it does work out.

Hopefully they'll get some counseling. Hopefully she'll never piss him off again, either, because that was a bad beating and physical violence usually doesn't get better once it crosses a line in a relationship.

Good luck, kids.


Hot Carl said...

I'm not sure people are shocked so much as they are disappointed. By getting back together with him, she sends a terrible message to her young and impressionable fans. Personally, I have no sympathy for either one of them.

Nora said...

Agreed and agreed. While you can never know what really goes on between two people, it's troubling.