Thursday, February 26, 2009

Driving Into Winter

Mister and I are celebrating four years of marital law. We left the thunderstorms of Illinois and headed into the thick, fluffy snow of central Wisconsin. We're going skiing and I am so thrilled I could easily shit platinum pennies.

First order of business: get off these whited-out roads and get a beer into my husband's hands.

"This is going to be a long 77 miles," quoth he like two seconds ago.

Tomorrow, I shall finally stop being lazy and will learn a new skill. I am going to learn how to snowboard. All these years, I've talked smack about how I want to learn how to do it, but every time I see a ski hill, I want instant gratification. I want it now. So, I ski, instead of trying something new.

That being said, now that I've made a public declaration to all two of you (Juderonomy's in Florida--hasn't even called!), I will rent a snowboard, take some lessons and tell you all how great I was or how bad I sucked at it. I'll even see if I can get Mister to photograph my essay in snowboarding.

Wish me luck.

As for the rest, I'm just looking forward to enjoying the last and best of winter in Wisconsin with my husband. This trip is highly reflecti our honeymoon four years ago today. Kinda cool.

Wait. Juderonomy update. I just got the call from my parents. They're mellowing out on Marco Island with some friends. They sounded so relaxed and happy. Mazel tov to them.

Well, that wraps it up for the moment. But I am not working this weekend, so I'd like to pop in and write a little more if and when possible.

Peace out.


Luke Baggins said...

Winter rules!!

We never get snow in Seattle, and this year there was piles of it on Christmas and another little 3 inch dump this morning that still hadn't completely melted when I came home tonight.

Do try to get some snowboarding pictures.

I love snow!

And congratulations on working on a real live magazine.

Jude said...

Happy Anniversary....I was in a "dead zone" the day I did try to call...Be drinking and skiing,and boarding!!! You all can have all the snow you want,I have found a lovely piece of paradise here on Marco Island...just some wonderful sun,and marvelous company.With that being said,I'm afraid we will be having to come back north soon...the Grand Pooh-Pah is beginning to Jones for the grand babies..oh well..Have fun in the Snow and have a Hot Toddy for me.

Nora said...

Mommy, we miss you guys, but have fun!!

Cedar, I love winter, too. It's been a blast!