Monday, July 7, 2008

The Good News Is ...

... The torrential downpour and lightning have put a stop to the lumberjacks' infernal racket next door to our peaceful riverside cabin.

We're watching the rains soak the rich wetland and feed the swift and brown branch of the Kalamazoo from the coolest screened in porch ever. The bad news is we didn't cover Ken's boat or my kayak. Oops.

The weekend was good. Ken's cousins threw a pig roast, the weather was perfect. The mosquitoes were (and are) pestilent, and everyone got eaten alive. But they weren't bad on the shores of muddy little Silver Lake. While we waited for that yummy pig to roast, we kept busy tubing, kayaking, all that. I even got to ride an old school Jet Ski after all these years.

The party was great. The pig was divine. One of the neighborhood eccentrics put on a balls-out fireworks display. Everyone had a great time.

Perfect weather continued yesterday. I spent a long time on the water in the morning. It was smooth as glass. I could see ripples from a fish jumping fifty yards away. I saw a bunch of vultures hanging out all sinister-like on someone's little beach area. They'd been circling the pig the day before, but they got none and were probably pissed off.

Now, they perched on a swing,on the roof of the shed or hunched in the sand, pulling their wings up in a very evil looking manner. All I could think about was being the unlucky son of a bitch who passed out after too many drinks at the party, waking up to a bunch (what is a group of vultures called?) Of vultures giving you the stink eye, or worse, an exploratory jab of the beak.


Anyway, soon after I spotted those birds, I decided to visit our cousins at 'the barn'. As I pulled my kayak up to shore and hiked up the hill to go say hi, I conceived of a new athletic event.

The Norathlon.

I'm thinking it's going to go a little something like this:

Wake up early-ish, have some coffee, ride your bike to your kayak and paddle to the next destination where you hike up a hill for more coffee, or even a Bloody Mary, if that's your thing. Smoke a cigarette before your downhill hike back to the kayak. Paddle a little more, and go back to your bike so you can get back to the spot and drink a beer.

Be warned, the training is exacting.

I'm serious about this, though. I bet I could make a very cool event like this happen. It'll be for charity. The kids, or something.who wouldn't want to be a part of something like that?

Anyway, the rain is slowing down. The lumberjacks are back at it again. Even with the noise, it's great to be up here. With the dunes, pines, and the water, this place is especially gorgeous, rain or shine. Still, I hope the weather will permit me to baptise myself in Lake Michigan. It's what I live for.

The good news is the rain gave me a chance to write a little. The bad news is ... Hm. There is no bad news. More later.


Jude said...

Nora,I think even I could participate in the would depend on the hiking part tho,how steep are the hills? Or I could do my part by mixing the OLD FAMILY RECIPE and deliver it to those who object to walking!!Shore Side Service with a on it!
How did the Jet ski go???Any Conservation Cops around....

Nora said...

The jet skiing was awesome, mom. I miss that thing so much! And I wasn't even sore the next day, miracle of miracles.

The cops were terrible this weekend on the river in town. Just awful, but they don't bother with silver lake. Besides, its impossible for me personally to jet ski with a beer. I'm not that good.

Anonymous said...

This outside you speak of scares me.

Jude said...

River,..."outside" is the exact opposite of the H/T/D that you like to experience..daylight,fresh air,sunny skies,tho there can be alcohol involved.You have to start with small exposures at first so you don't overload your senses!

Anonymous said...

The sun is trying to kill me. I remember one summer I bounced at a bar that closed at 4am. I didn't see the sun for a month. I actually got whiter as the summer progressed.

There are outdoor cats and indoor cats...I'm an indoor cat.

Nora said...

Upon re-reading, Riv, I'd have to agree. It is a little scary, the outdoots the way I described it.