Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Recrap

MitchellWell, it's been a cool week here in Hutchinson. In honor of Dump the Pump day on Thursday and in an effort to bolster use of our local (lackluster) public transportation system, What's Up Hutch? organized Stuff the Bus. We put out the word and printed up some cool stickers to get people to try the bus system and give much-needed feedback to the people in charge. It went fairly well, and I think some definite progress is underway.

Pretty stoked about that. What's new with you?

NoraHold on--all those catch-phrases are boggling my mind. Jokes aside, that was a cool project you guys did. It would be nice to see people around here making better use of the PACE buses, too, but we suburbanites are slaves to paying way too much for gas or hitchhiking. I think I might start a campaign to legalize it. Hitchhiking, that is.

As for what's new in Noraland, well, we finally sold the albatross, AKA, our trailer in Wisconsin. Go ahead and Google Lake Koshkonong. It's reached flood levels not seen in the last century. You'll see why it was a minor miracle. The third largest lake in Wisconsin is also just one big wetland/swamp. That's what we get for fooling with nature--wrecked trailer parks and general destruction. I will miss cruising around on golf carts, drinking beers 'Sconsi-style, though. Good times. Ken's going to email me some of the pictures he took of the flooding so I can blog about it later this week.

Other than that, not a whole great deal is going on over here.

MitchellGood to hear you got rid of the trailer. There goes my plan of sneaking up there and squatting indefinitely. I guess I'll just have to keep paying rent here in Kansas.

In other news, I've spent the day nursing a hangover (like I do on so many Sundays). A friend of mine had a party at her house with all of her younger brother's friends in attendance. Needless to say, I had to drink more to cope with the sheer irritation of all of the emo enthusiasts. I never thought that, at 25, I would feel so disconnected from the younger folks of 18 and 19, but that's how it's come to be. Why in hell would so many guys wear such tight, feminine pants? And are they aware that there are other colors than black?

NoraSince we don't have anything better to discuss, can we please discuss this fashion trend? I loathe it. I'm not suggesting that they wear those silly, over-big, 42-inch waist pants that sag off their boxer-clad asses like the boys did when I was that age. But please--do not advertise your religion by wearing your little sisters' jeans, boys. Not cute. And the hair. The fucking hair. *yack* You might not feel connected to these kids, Mitchell, but you're a hell of a lot more in tune with "the kids" than I am. Can I know why these boys want to look like Flock of Seagulls? Jesus, I think I was cool once upon a time. Wasn't I? I don't remember. Tell me the word on the street.

MitchellI really wish I could tell you, but I've never really fit in with any sort of style. Give me a five pack of Hanes tee shirts and some Walmart jeans any day. I can't fathom putting as much thought into my wardrobe as these kids do. And if I did, the outcome would certainly be much better. My 15 year old brother does a lot of the "skater" look as well. The shoes alone cost as much as three-day's worth of clothing for me. They're a perplexing bunch.

NoraI hear that. I suppose I understand expressing the subculture you identify with through your clothes. I've made some questionable choices that would make those crazy kids look way cooler than I did. But I think if I could do it all over, I would tell Young Nora to do like spies do: the lower-profile you look and the more you blend in, the more shit you can get away with. That's kind of my M.O. now. Not that I'm trying to get away with anything. Except hitchhiking. Anyway, that about does it for me. These weeks are just flying by, aren't they?

MitchellThey really are. I doubt they'll slow down until summer is over. Anyway, that's all I've got, so I suppose we'll wrap this up until next week. Thanks for reading.


theeriver said...

Ahh the emo look. Boys wearing tight ass girl jeans, hair dyed black, and more eyeliner then most girls.

This look is an offshoot of the skater look perhaps, or punk.

I growing up one of those cavemen jocks would of not been nice to these kids.

I think if my kid dressed that way, I don't think I would still be nice.

It's one step away from being a drag queen in my book.

Yeah call me closed minded, but we live in a society. You want to get ahead, gotta get along with it.

Like someone once said think it was the group Pantera, "You can be yourself, by yourself"

Nora said...

Well, I think I'll go with my parents' policy on fugly fashion--as long as it's temporary and not a threat to their health, let them do/wear what they want.

That doesn't mean it's beyond question or comment, though.

Ah ha. That's it. They want squares like me to question and comment on the whole look. See, I'm "mainstream" now. I'm Mrs. Gruenberg, suburban housewife. The epitome of uncool to the young folk.

theeriver said...

I blame the Cure