Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three Generations of Crazy

Today I had big plans of making a dent in the laundry and finishing my novel. I eked out one scene and skipped the laundry altogether in favor of hanging out at my parents' house to make full use of the Slip N' Slide.

In the spirit of irresponsible parenting, my sister and I sat and watched as our dad, otherwise known to his grandsons as Pooh Pah, took the naked babies for trip after trip down the dangerous luge-like slide. Fortunately there were no injuries. It looked so fun, even I had to give it a go. The results were not pretty.

Naked Babies!

Pooh Pah's Turn

Go, Jackie, Go!

My fearless little Kenny

Immaturity runs in the family. At least I'm not naked.

This, my friends, is the type of activity that is coming between me and both literary success (well, a lack of talent may play a part, but I'd rather blame the Slip N Slide) and success as a hausfrau. I may not be a world-renowned author and I may be for-shit in the housekeeping department. But I will tell you this: I know how to have fun.


Slippy said...

Although, it looks like you it was a blast. I am convinced that Slip-N-Slides were a torture device created under the guise of amusement. I can't remember a time when I didn't get hurt on the thing from bruises of hitting the hard ground to flesh wounds from the damn metal spikes that held the tempting yellow slippery plastic down. Damn now I want to go buy one.

Anonymous said...

Now all you need is that clown face, that had the hoses that spurted water willy nilly.

I have a feeling these pictures will resurface when your kids start dating.

"Oh here he is naked as a jaybird on his slip'n'slide"


I have only one thought of mothers who take pictures of their babies naked or in other embarrasing situations...future blackmailers.

Nora said...

Hey, River, it's a fine tradition.

Slippy, I bruised my tailbone.

Ratherto said...

The only thing worse than bruising yourself on a slip-n-slide is having an insane Grandma who makes you set it up on a gravel driveway so you won't mess up the grass. Needless to say, my brother and I only played with it once.

Nora said...

Better than saying, better set it up in the street, kids! I'm bringing Kenny back over there today. Maybe I should spray him with Pam to give him more velocity.

Ratherto said...

Watch as Kenny goes flying off the slip-n-slide through the fence and down the street! It'd be just like that scene from Christmas Vacation with Clark on the sled. Except Kenny's more adorable than Chevy Chase.

Jude said...

Just wait 'til this winter when the Grand Pooh Pah sets up the ice what could be more fun than watching small children collide head on at breakneck speeds on ice?? I tell ya,this grandparenting is fun,but we did do it all to our own kids...thank god we got rid of the Jet skis..babies on open water is a little scary...remember Nora?

Nora said...

Thank God? Please, mother, those jet skis made my life worth living.