Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hindsight’s twenty-twenty.That is what they say, anyway.Richard found himself frequently recalling that adage as he stared at the decrepit mass of flesh in the bed next to him.

Every boy in high school wanted Carla Wilson. Richard had his chance with her. Instead, he decided to remain faithful to his girlfriend, Linda. Faithful for forty-five years. Carla Wilson used the time to become a successful local attorney. Linda used it to stretch and expand. She accomplished little professionally or socially.

On the other hand, she did give him three strong, successful sons. And she always kept a clean house. Richard was never anything but impressed by her enduring tolerance. No amount of havoc or household mayhem pushed her beyond ’slightly miffed.’

Richard concentrated hard to rescind his regrets. He hated that he ever put superficial thoughts in the way of love for his wife.

Then she farted.

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